Friday, October 21, 2011


This is what kind of person my best friend is:

He will take out $140 to pay off his registration for his truck,
complain about how he doesn't have money,
then 10 seconds later he will give money to a guy standing outside of Raley's collecting for special needs people.
That guy gave us each a tootsie roll for donating.
We drive out of the parking lot and Ant stops and gives a homeless guy his last five dollars and his tootsie roll.

He went to the DMV to pay off his registration and didn't realize that they added a $4 processing fee, so instead of it being $137 as he anticipated, it turned out to be $141. He had given the extra $7 he had in his wallet to charity and to a homeless person. I gave him the dollar since he was so amazing and caring.

I love my best friend so much. He's so amazing, and so selfless. It's hard not to have a crush on him sometimes when he does things like this. It's moments like this that leave me amazed at how caring he is, and it leaves me so confused as to why he is single. Seriously ladies, he's available! If skateboard-p doesn't swoop him up I'm going to punch her in the throat.