Saturday, November 17, 2012


I read something very amazing today that made me smile.
I feel you should all read it:

friendships are fickle

I guess he REALLY isn't talking to me anymore. I guess having a girlfriend has changed him. Whatever though. I guess our friendship never meant anything to him.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Boyfriend

My boyfriend bought me, my best friend, and his crush cinnamon raisin bagels just because. Breakfast double dating with an almost couple is so much fun. Now Ant just needs to make it official so we can double date all the time :)

Friday, April 6, 2012


I think I'm jealous of my friends.
I don't like that the boy is rekindling things with an ex.
I don't like that the skinny one has an obvious crush on his work friend.
I don't like that the girl is engaged.

why is everyone coupling up except me? :(

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Sucks

I'm a horrible person. My boyfriend and I broke up this morning because I flipped out on a small argument. It's bad to admit, but I never really cared much for him. I know this argument could have been avoided, and we could still be together, but that's not what I wanted. I didn't want a shitty Valentine's Day though. But here I am, on Blogger, texting my best friend who's Valentine's Day date cancelled on him last night. All I can do is listen to Kate Nash's "Merry Happy" over and over on youtube since my ipod doesn't seem to want to turn on today.

I don't want to do anything today. Not even playing Plants vs. Zombies seems to be entertaining. Ant even let me borrow Star Wars on bluray, but I don't even want to pop that in and watch. I want to do nothing but stay in bed on my laptop all day. Why is there so much emphasis on today? Today isn't very special. Is it the 15th yet?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Friday

Hanging out with the best friend, prepping him for his V-Day date, and getting Wendy's. Today is going to be a very good day :)

Monday, January 30, 2012


I spent most of the weekend with him. I was the first person he told when he found out about the engagement. I saw his brown eyes screaming in pain. I saw that old familiar fear return to him. I hate seeing him like this, but I understand why he's hurting.

My friend is in love with a girl, a girl who is going to get married. For the longest time a lot of us have always had this idea of the two of them being meant for eachother. I never really liked her much because of that. I understand what it's like to love someone you can't have, but to love someone who in turn loves you back but then runs away, I don't get that.

We spent most of the weekend talking. The only mention of football was when we both realized we had missed the Pro Bowl game, to which he replied, "The NFC always wins anyway." The AFC killed, actually.

I saw him in the most vulnerable state I've seen him in since the big break-up. You'd think the two of them broke up or something. I understand now it's not about losing her as a potential love interest, he's afraid of losing her as a friend.

This weekend I saw the true test of friendship. He bottles it up inside and keeps the pain to himself and he won't tell her how he feels. He doesn't want to hurt her, he wants her to be happy.

The only thing we could do to numb the pain was to play Hungry Hungry Hippos and to listen to this song on repeat as the rain clouds started to drift away.

I can relate to him in a way, for the obvious reasons. Like he always says, "everything happens for a reason." If it's meant to be it'll happen. Right now he needs to be there for her, and I need to be there for him. Because that's what being a best friend is all about.