Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It seems like something that can only happen in a movie. It's cliche beyond understanding; I thought people were smarter than that, but I know better now.

I want a redo, a do-over. I want to hit reset and let this go away like it never happened. My stubborn heart won't let me let this or you go. How could you do this to me?

It's a mixture of feeling insufficient, replaced, broken. Why would you throw it all away for one night. One night meant the rest of our lives, and the rest of my life will be without you.

How dare you say I'm turning my back on you when you laid on your back for someone else. Believe in your logic if it keeps you warm at night, for I no longer will to either of them.

You've made me and our past into a statistic, and I hope you're happy. Stay there in your bubble of innocence, it'll be popped someday, just not by me.

Please don't get over me because I want the indelible taste of regret to linger on your tongue in order to remind you of what you had and so carelessly threw away.

How dare you steal my heart and crush it like you did. How dare you place the blame on me. How dare you say I'm running away from the issues at hand. How dare you say that you ever loved me.

If anything the only thing I will ask of you is to not do this to another girl, because no one deserves what you did to me, please.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If Your Heart Is A Speaker Then Mine Is A Subwoofer ;)

"Out Of Our Minds"
by Katie Costello (Feat. Greg Holden)

"Let's get out of our minds, today,
and take a little time, to look,
at the stars and the moon, above,
wishing someone like you,
were staring at them too...

special thank you to Ant for letting me steal this from him =D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Ring Me Out

I am writing this as I cry.
I just heard quite possibly the greatest song ever.
Ant, I hate you so much right now,
but I love you all at once.
You knew it would do this to me.
And you were right, it's like this song was written just for me.


I already know this is going to be a blog.
I'm going to start writing like you, Ant.
Divshare players and all.
This is your fault.
I've never had a song make me cry this much.
Thank you, and no sarcasm.
I owe you a big hug.
And just because I'm crying now doesn't mean I won't kick your ass at Pokemon when I get there.
I love you, bugslut.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pokemon Challenge 2011

Oh my, you are so on. Ant, you and you're new team are going down! Check out my team, and get ready to cry when I beat you. It's so on!